The idea behind MILA came from our passion for our dog and the desire to always have something that would remind us of our four-legged friend. This, together with the experience acquired in the sector of leather goods and luxury items  led to the idea of creating a range of quality dog collars. The most distinguishing aspect of the MILA collection, however, is the possibility to match the collar not only to the dog’s leash but also to a bracelet to be worn by the owner.
Collar and bracelet are totally identicalso that the MILA items are made to match.
Each season, we choose different types of the finest printed leathers proposed by the local tanneries and use these to make our collection of dog collars, leashes and bracelets. We have also created a veg-friendly line producing the same items in cork, a natural and a very particular material. We are always on the lookout for new materials  so check out our website for the latest items.
MILA has been inspired by Mila, the puppy we adopted in 2012 just before Christmas and who is now part of our family. The desire to create something special for her has led to the idea of creating the collars followed by all the other items made to match.